We are a multi-disciplinary team of creatives, business strategists & technical experts who are strongly knit by the belief & passion for humanizing      Products, Services and Spaces.

We love executing solutions that help bridge brand, business and design, for people who experience them.


Core verticals we operate in are:

Design Strategy

Design Research

Product Design for Manufacturing

Service Design

Spatial Experience Design.


We believe that the job is only finished when it makes an impact and we decided to embark on a journey to supporting organizations for the whole cycle of Innovation. 

User-Centric Research

We strongly believe that the crux of great design is knowing your user and all stakeholders very intimately. We can go to any limits to achieve this.

Spatial Design

Creating the perfect spatial experience for the product, service or your business to stitch the strategy and value to the spatial experience it offers.

Product Development

Led by strong on-ground research and deep competitor research we are able to produce unique product designs that would truly represent your brand.

Branding & Packaging

No product design can ever be designed without designing the perfect cover made for it before the user really experiences the product itself.

Strategy Design

We don’t just limit ourselves at supporting you with new products & services but are also fully equipped to set a launch & sale strategy for it.

Capacity Building

We engage with institutions and companies, by training them to adopt our research & design process and tools for Business Innovation.


Bhumika Sukhadia


Industrial Designer | Architect

Design Strategist | Computational Designer | Architect

MSU | MIT, Pune

"Prototyping your solutions early and failing early is key for creative, symbiotic solution finding... making discussions and ideas tangible helps you find critical touch points and  to work on them before it goes into execution."

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Ankit Savla


Staedelschule | d.school, Germany

"Design Thinking for me is a "language for collaboration", to sit with a varied group of experts and channelize one's expertise towards or away from your set of core skills to bring together small bits to form a whole."

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Product Development

IIIT, Hyderabad



Industrial Design

NID, Bhopal



Design Researcher

IESCOA, Mumbai



Industrial Design

UID, Gandhinagar

Organizations we have worked with

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